We offer partners assistance and expertise in the following areas:

License Procurement

4Front established its reputation as an industry leader by helping partners obtain medical cannabis licenses in merit-based application processes. Our team possesses honed application-management capabilities and has to date helped partners secure 50 operating licenses in various competitive jurisdictions. By combining these skills with an unmatched inventory of proprietary supplemental operational materials, 4Front has become the premier resource for aspiring business owners looking to maximize their chances of securing medical cannabis licenses. 4Front’s application support includes:

  • Compliance interpretation
  • Detailed project plan and project management
  • Narrative application content
  • Comprehensive budgeting
  • Abridged operating manuals to demonstrate competency
  • Final application compilation


4Front Advisors empowers clients to open and maintain world-class operations. We provide systems and support to owners, staff, and professional advisors, including lawyers, real estate brokers, architects, engineers, zoning consultants, financial consultants, construction managers, general contractors, and design consultants. 4Front leverages the best practices found in the retail, service, and healthcare industries. 4Front offers help with:

  • Optimal dispensary design
  • Comprehensive staffing charts and job descriptions
  • Employee handbooks, operations manuals, & operations tools for each department
  • Medicine and product mixture optimization
  • Patient service programs


Compliance is the foundation of 4Front Advisors and heavily informs its leading application-support services. Operators and investors must comply with all regulations in this strictly governed industry. Once licenses are obtained, 4Front provides clients with policies and procedures that help to establish and maintain compliant operations. At a high level, 4Front programs help clients comply with:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Patient record tracking
  • Reporting practices to local agencies
  • Medicine testing
  • Patient education
  • Staff licensing

Training & Support

4Front Advisors provides clients with training programs and operational support, helping them to avoid costly mistakes. Training includes budgeting, procurement, vendor relationships, inventory management, patient/customer relations and more. It is tailored specifically to support our operating practices. 4Front’s training and support includes:

  • A management training program
  • Training manuals, job aids, and checklists for job positions
  • On-site training before and after opening
  • Ongoing site visits and evaluations
  • Access to ongoing training
  • Updates on industry regulations and emerging best practices